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«Master of Amateur Digital Radio Communication» award

Обновлено: 29 Декабрь 2017
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rusengДиплом «Мастер любительской цифровой радиосвязи»
The diploma «Master of Amateur Digital Radio Communication» was established by the Russian Digital Radio Club in order to encourage radio amateurs for active work on the air during the calendar year by 17 modes of digital radio communication: 1) CONTESTIA, 2) DOMINO, 3) FT8 4) HELL, 5) JT65, 6 JT9, 7) MFSK, 8) MT63, 9) OLIVIA, 10) PSK, 11) ROS, 12) RTTY, 13) SIM, 14) SSTV, 15) T10, 16) THOR, 17) THROB. For achievements in each calendar year, starting from 2017, will be issued a separate diploma with its numbering. Thus, applicants have the opportunity to fulfill the MASTER standard annually and receive a separate diploma for a certain calendar year.

Dupe QSOs are counted on different HF and VHF bands and different digital modes on the same band. For diplomas of 2017 and 2018, radio communications in 17 of the above-mentioned digital modes are mandatory. In subsequent years, the number of compulsory digital modes may be changed.

The diploma will be issued free of charge in electronic form after 7 October 2017 on the site rdrc.hamlog.ru

To obtain the MASTER-2017 and MASTER-2018 diplomas, applicants must meet the following annual standards:
A registered on HAMLOG.RU radio amateurs diploma is given for 5000 QSO based on data from the hardware logs downloaded to this service. Each of 17 modes of digital communication must be conducted at least 10 QSO. Since 2018 only for radioamateurs of Africa, Ocenia, Northern and Southern America offset on the diploma on 15 from 17 modes of digital communication.
For other amateurs who do not have their account on HAMLOG.RU, the diploma is issued for 2000 QSO with all 17 digital modes for radioamateurs of Asia and Europe, 15 modes for radioamateurs of other continents, upon confirmation via the auto-payment system on the site rdrc.hamlog.ru.

Based on the received diplomas, applicants will be able to order a plaque «Master of Amateur Digital Radio Communication». Details on the receipt of the plaque and its cost, we will inform in addition.

During each calendar year, the RDRC organizes several days of activity by all the above modes of digital radio communications, as well as four contests. Detailed schedule and provisions of these events are published on the club's website rdrclub.ru.

We invite all radio amateurs to take an active part in the events organized by the Russian Digital Radio Club, 73!

Sample of the MASTER-2017:

Sample of the MASTER-2018: