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Activity days «Made in Russia 2019» - 5th Anniversary of RDRC

Обновлено: 20 Январь 2020
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rusengBirthday of RDRC
We invite all fans of digital radio modes to the Birthday of RDRC - activity days «Made in Russia 2019». Our club was founded on March 21, 2014. We welcome you to visit us on 5th Anniversary of the Russian Digital Radio Club from 03:00 UTC Saturday, March 23 to 15:00 UTC Sunday March 24, 2019 on 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 meters bands in OLIVIA and T10 modes. Dupe radio contacts (SWL) can be conducted by different digital modes as on one band as well as on other bands. We recommend to work short QSOs with minimum information. The obligatory condition of each QSO is to preserve in adif file of the Log the received locator. The occupied places will be distributed according to the sum of the distances to correspondents. Certificates of activity Days «Made in Russia 2019» in electronic form will be reawarded with all participants under condition of carrying out not less than 10 QSO (SWL). Certificates can be loaded independently on a site AWARDS CENTER OF RDRC. Among members of RDRC, which on results in TOP-30, we shall raffle special prizes - two pendants with club symbolics.

For recommended frequencies and modes:
OLIVIA (4-250, 8-250, 16-500) : 1841-1843; 3582-3590; 7042-7048; 10142-10144; 14072-14074 and 14104-14110; 18102-18105; 21072-21074 and 21104-21110; 24922-24924; 28072-28074 and 28122-28126;
T10 : 1839-1840; 3572-3573 and 3580-3582; 7048-7050 and 7079-7081; 10140-10142; 14079-14082; 18105-18107; 21079-21082; 24920-24922; 28079-28082.

We recommend using the JTDX program for T10 mode, new versions are available at jtdx.tech. JTDX and other programs for OLIVIA mode you can also download on the website of RDRC in the section Program Archive.

Report file should be named with your callsign (e.g. RK3DSW.adi). In the letter please indicate the WWLOC and family name, first name. All logs must be sent no later than 5 days. The participants must send their Logbooks for the periods of activity days in ADI format by e-mail to 01-10(at)rdrclub.ru untill 23:59 UTC March, 29.

Additional prizes and gifts are welcome. We are waiting for you on March 23-24 on Birthday of RDRC!