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160-80M DIGI FEST on Mondays

Обновлено: 13 Сентябрь 2019
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ruseng160-80M DIGI FEST on Mondays
RDRC invites fans of digital radio every Monday in a Year to meet and spend with us 160-80M DIGI FEST. We offer this activity from 18:00 to 20:00 LOCAL TIME. We recommend using HF bands 80 and 160 meters, depending on the propagation on them. 160-80M DIGI FEST is not a Contest, you do not need to send reports. Along with other days of activity organized by the RDRC during the year, this event will contribute to meeting the conditions of the annual diploma «Master of Amateur Digital Radio Communication» and will help applicants to obtain the required amount of QSOs in rarely used digital modes for awards «RDRC HAMLOG DIGI Activity» and other RDRC awards.

The evening of each Monday is planned to conduct activity in one or two modes, which at the moment will be one of the most popular in the «Rating RDRC», determined on the basis of downloaded logs of club members on the site rdrc.hamlog.ru, also published in summary tables of participants rdrc.mib.vrn.ru/table

The schedule will specify those digital modes, which we recommend to work on the coming Monday. It is advisable to agree on QSOs in any other digital modes not listed in the schedule. We recommend to work short QSOs with the following minimum information exchange: RSQ, name, locator. For live messages, we suggest using the chat on the RDRC forum rdrclub.lan23.ru

Preliminary activity plan on Mondays in September 2019:
• 2 September - THOR 1.838, 3.582-3.590
• 9 September - ROS 1.840, 3.581
• 16 September - MT63 1.838, 3.582-3.590
• 23 September - JT65 1.838, 3.570
• 30 September - HELL 1.838, 3.582-3.590

Nothing can be better than a Monday evening, held in a good campaign. See you on the air, 73!