Federal Districts Digital QSO awards

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ruseng Federal Districts Digital QSO awards
The diplomas «Federal Districts Digital QSO awards» was established by the Russian Digital Radio Club in order to encourage radio amateurs for active work on the HF and UHF bands with radio amateurs of the different Federal District of Russian Federation by 16 modes of digital radio communication CONTESTIA, DOMINO, FT8, HELL, JT65, JT9, MFSK, MT63, OLIVIA, PSK, ROS, RTTY, SSTV, T10, THOR, THROB. Dupe QSOs are counted on different HF bands and different digital modes on the same band. A diplomas is issued to SWL operators. The crediting of QSOs (SWLs) for diplomas begins on the date of formation of the Russian Digital Amateur Radio Club on March 21, 2014.

Checking the log and obtaining diplomas of this series is implemented on the website awards.rdrclub.ru/request

To obtain diplomas, you need to do and know the following
1) prepare for online verification a hardware log in ADI format of no more than 40 Mb with all your connections for the period starting from March 21, 2014, or several adifs (ADI files) with radio communications in several digital modes;
2) select diplomas from the drop-down list, fill in all the fields of the upload form without errors, click "BROWSE" to find the necessary ADI file and "SEND MESSAGE" your log for processing;
3) waiting for the end of the download and processing of the ADI file, you can immediately receive the completed diplomas;
4) the issued diplomas are posted on the page awards.rdrclub.ru/certificate
SWL before checking the log, you must contact the diploma manager at email awards(at)rdrclub.ru or in the topic of the club forum. Discussion of the work of the club diploma service only in the forum topic rdrclub.lan23.ru

Each of the 8 diplomas «Federal Districts Digital QSO awards» is an independent diploma and applicants can perform them in any order. Diplomas are issued for a CERTAIN NUMBER OF RADIO COMMUNICATIONS AND A NUMBER OF OBLASTS for applicants from Europe, Asia and other continents of the world:
   «GOLD RING» : 18 oblasts in the Central F.D. 2500 / 18 2000 / 17 1500 / 16
   «RUSSIAN NORTH» 11 oblasts in the Northwest F.D. 1000 / 10 1000 / 9 500 / 9
   «RUSSIAN SOUTH» : 8 oblasts in the Southern F.D. 2000 / 8 1500 / 7 1000 / 7
   «NORTH CAUCASUS» 7 oblasts in the North-Caucasian F.D. 1000 / 6 1000 / 5 500 / 5
   «VOLGA» 14 oblasts in the Volga F.D. 2000 / 14 1500 / 13 1000 / 12
   «URAL» : 6 oblasts in the Ural F.D. 1000 / 6 1000 / 5 500 / 5
   «SIBERIA» 10 oblasts in the Siberian F.D. 1000 / 9 1000 / 9 500 / 8
   «RUSSIAN FAR EAST» 11 oblasts in the Far East F.D. 200 / 9 150 / 9 100 / 8

Samples of the «Federal Districts Digital QSO awards»

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Designation of 85 territories in 8 Federal Districts of Russia and distribution of figure of a prefix and the first letter of a suffix in call signs

Combination figure-letter in call signs The Designation of area (oblast)
The Name of area (oblast)

European Russia

Territory of Northwest federal district
1A, 1B, 1F, 1L, 1M SP Saint Petersburg
1C, 1D, 1E LO Leningrad Oblast
1K, 1N KL Republic of Karelia
1O AR Arkhangelsk Oblast
1P NO Nenets Autonomous Okrug
1Q, 1R, 1S VO Vologda Oblast
1T NV Novgorod Oblast
1W, 1X PS Pskov Oblast
1Y, 1Z MU Murmansk Oblast
2F, 2K KA Kaliningrad Oblast
1I, 8X, 9X KO Komi Republic
Territory of the Central federal district
(Except for prefixes RA2 and UA2-UI2)
2,3.5A; 2,3,5B; 2,3,5C MA Moscow
2,3,5D; 3,5F; 2,3,5H MO Moscow Oblast
2,3,5E OR Oryol Oblast
2,3,5G LP Lipetsk Oblast
2,3,5I TV Tver Oblast
2,3,5L SM Smolensk Oblast
2,3,5M YR Yaroslavl Oblast
2,3,5N KS Kostroma Oblast
2,3,5P TL Tula Oblast
3,5K; 2,3,5O; 2,3,5Q VR Voronezh Oblast
2,3,5R TB Tambov Oblast
2,3,5S RA Ryazan Oblast
2,3,5U IV Ivanovo Oblast
2,3,5V VL Vladimir Oblast
2,3,5W KU Kursk Oblast
2,3,5X KG Kaluga Oblast
2,3,5Y BR Bryansk Oblast
2,3,5Z BO Belgorod Oblast
Territory of Southern federal district
4A, 4B VG Volgograd Oblast
6,7A; 6,7B; 6,7C; 6,7D KR Krasnodar Krai
6,7I KM Republic of Kalmykia
6,7K RK Republic of Crimea
6,7L; 6,7M; 6,7N RO Rostov Oblast
6,7R SE Sevastopol
6,7U; 6,7V AO Astrakhan Oblast
6,7Y AD Republic of Adygea
Territory of the North-Caucasian federal district
6,7E KC Karachay-Cherkess Republic 
6,7F; 6,7G; 6,7H; 6,7T ST Stavropol Krai
6,7J SO Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
6,7P CN Chechen Republic 
6,7Q IN Republic of Ingushetia
6,7W DA Republic of Dagestan
6,7X KB Kabardino-Balkar Republic
Territory of the Volga (Privolzhsky) of federal district
2,3,5T NN Nizhny Novgorod Oblast
4C, 4D SA Saratov Oblast
4F, 4G PE Penza Oblast
4H, 4I, 4K SR Samara Oblast
4L, 4M UL Ulyanovsk Oblast
4N, 4O KI Kirov Oblast
4P, 4Q, 4R TA Republic of Tatarstan
4S MR Mari El Republic
4U MD Republic of Mordovia
4W UD Udmurt Republic
4Y; 4Z CU Chuvash Republic
8,9F; 8,9G PM Perm Krai 
8,9S; 8,9Т OB Orenburg Oblast
8,9W BA Republic of Bashkortostan

Asiatic Russia

Territory of the Ural federal district
8,9A; 8,9B CB Chelyabinsk Oblast
8,9C; 8,9D SV Sverdlovsk Oblast
8,9J HM Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug
8,9K YN Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
8,9L TN Tyumen Oblast
8,9Q; 8,9R KN Kurgan Oblast
Territory of the Siberian federal district
8,9H; 8,9I TO Tomsk Oblast
8,9M; 8,9N OM Omsk Oblast
8,9O; 8,9P NS Novosibirsk Oblast
8,9U; 8,9V KE Kemerovo Oblast
8,9Y AL Altai Krai
8,9Z GA Altai Republic
ØA, ØB, ØH KK Krasnoyarsk Krai
ØR, ØS, ØT IR Irkutsk Oblast
ØW HA Republic of Khakassia
ØY TU Tuva Republic
Territory of Far East federal district
ØC HK Khabarovsk Krai
ØD EA Jewish Autonomous Oblast
ØF SL Sakhalin Oblast
ØI MG Magadan Oblast
ØJ AM Amur Oblast
ØK CK Chukotka Autonomous Okrug
ØL, ØМ, ØN PK Primorsky Krai
ØO BU Buryat Republic
ØQ YA Sakha Republic
ØU, ØV ZK Zabaykalsky Krai
ØX, ØZ KT Kamchatka Krai 

During each calendar year, the RDRC organizes several days of activity by all the above modes of digital radio communications, as well as five contests. Detailed schedule and provisions of these events are published on the club's website rdrclub.ru.

We invite all radio amateurs to take an active part in the events organized by the Russian Digital Radio Club, 73!