RDRC members Mode awards

rusengRDRC Members Mode awards
17 RDRC members Mode awards was established by the Russian Digital Radio Club in order to encourage radio amateurs for active work on the air with members of the Russian Digital Radio Club by 17 modes of digital radio communication CONTESTIA, DOMINO, FT8, HELL, JT65, JT9, MFSK, MT63, OLIVIA, PSK, ROS, RTTY, SIM, SSTV, T10, THOR, THROB. All diplomas will stand out free of charge in an electronic form through system of autoconfirm on a site rdrc.hamlog.ru. Dupe QSOs are counted on different HF and UHF bands. All diplomas is issued to SWL operators. The crediting of  QSOs (SWLs) for diplomas begins on the date of formation of the Russian Digital Amateur Radio Club on March 21, 2014.

Each of the 17 RDRC members Mode awards is an independent diploma and applicants can perform them in any order:

RDRC members Mode awards

for radio amateurs in continents

Europe Asia other continents
CONTESTIA 150 100 50
DOMINO 150 100 50
FT8 500 300 200
HELL 150 100 50
JT65 150 100 50
JT9 150 100 50
MFSK 150 100 50
MT63 50 40 30
OLIVIA 150 100 50
PSK 500 300 200
ROS 150 100 50
RTTY 200 150 100
SIM 150 100 50
SSTV 50 40 30
T10 150 100 50
THOR 150 100 50
THROB 150 100 50

Samples of the RDRC members Mode awards

cliques on a picture - клик по картинке для её увеличения

During each calendar year, the RDRC organizes several days of activity by all the above modes of digital radio communications, as well as four contests. Detailed schedule and provisions of these events are published on the club's website rdrclub.ru.

We invite all radio amateurs to take an active part in the events organized by the Russian Digital Radio Club, 73!