News about the results of Russian WW MultiMode Contest 2015

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News about the results of Russian WW MultiMode Contest 2015ruseng
At the beginning of December, 2015 the results of Russian WW MultiMode Contest were summed up and published - international competitions on radio on HF in four types of modulation BPSK63, CW, RTTY and SSB, which took place on October, 31 and November, 1. During the two weeks period of receiving the reports by the Contest Committee of RUS-WW-MM 1036 reports have been received from members of 71 regions of Russia and 70 countries of DXCC, among them - 155 RDRC club members. We congratulate the winners and prize-winners of the well-deserved achievements and wish all the participants of RUS-WW-MM 2015 the following success in our next competitions. 48 prizes founded by 42 members of the RDRC were raffled. In result of a separate set-off between Russian and foreign participants, the winners in Russia and the rest of the world were determined. Together with the results of subgroups, continents, countries and Federal districts and UBN-files, we publish for each participant a List of confirmed areas CFM OBLAST which can be used in the form of applications for Award "Russia".

Traditionally, we award prizes the youth teams. Two special prizes have been raffled between all young radio amateurs. The personal prize we are pleased to handle to RK3WWZ Vitaly Silichev - a team member of Rylsky Home of child creativity, and the second award to RK3FWE - the youth team of House of young technicians in Koroljev composed Maxim Gorbov, Alexey Bykov, Artem Matviyenko. 27 young radiosportsmen who composed the teams of IQ2CU, RK3DXW, RK3FWE, RK3PWR, RK3VXL, RK3WWZ, RK4W, UD3D and UN-716-C participated in the contest. Personal certificates will receive all of them.

The prize in memory of participation was raffled in a lottery among all contesters, who spent more than 200 QSOs (SWL) to the percentage of verifiability at least 95%. Congratulations to the owner of the prize Alexander Andreev UN7PAK, who showed the 13th result in SOHF-World, 243 QSOs, 96%. The prize in honor of the 170th anniversary of Russian Geographical Society was played between the participants who worked with 50 or more regions of Russia during the contest. Congratulations to Yegor Chmyhunov RC1Z - the owner of this award, who showed the 20th result in SOHF-Russia and had confirmed 342 QSOs with 50 regions of Russia.

The Cup of radio-team RF1A of cruiser "Aurora" is rewarded to the team of Volzhsk UA4S: Alexander Timchenko RA4SR, Victor Zagaynov RU4SO, Victor Vasilenko RU4SU for winning the MOAB-Russia with a great result in 1492 QSOs and 4,239,558 points. The Cups for Second and Third place in Russia has won RK9AWT - the team of MO DOSAAF Troitsk, RX7M -the team of OTSH DOSAAF Taganrog. The best team in MOAB-World has become IQ2CU - the team of the Italian Radio Club city Cernusco sul Naviglio.

The Cup winners among the foreign participants are awarded - Rimas Baltusis LY6A - 1st in SOAB-MIXED-World with 1224 QSOs and score of 4,246,264 points, and Ken Chandler M3I - 1st in SOHF-World with 495 QSOs and score of 524,275 points. In SOLF-World in the first place is our colleague from Belarus Sergei Karatkevich, EU8F. In single-mode World subgroups the best results are showed: in BPSK - Vasile Durdeu, YO5BLA; in CW - Alexander Nudel, UR7GO; in RTTY - Alexander Vasilyev, UN8PA; in SSB - Florian van der Wagt, TK/PB8DX. We express gratitude to all foreign colleagues for their active participation in the competition and we look forward to award most of them the contest Certificates RUS-WW-MM 2015.

Stability is a sign of skill! For the second year in a row, we are delighted to congratulate Damir Galiulin RK9AX, who was awarded the Cup for the 1st place in Russia in SOAB-MIXED with the result of 1194 QSOs and 5,269,475 points. Cups for 2 and 3 place in this main SO- subgroup are awarded Sergey Sergeev R7MM and Alexander Myaus RV3ZN. In the first place of SOHF-Russia the Cup is awarded Alexander Dubovtsev, R7AB, who won with a score of 796 QSOs and 955,392 points. In SOLF-Russia the Cup winner is won by Michael Tuev, R9FT with 557 QSOs and a score of 847,902 points. The Cup of UA3ON for the best result in Voronezh region Valery Fukalov, RQ2Q has won in the subgroup SOLF.

Among the Russian participants in single-mode subgroups our Awards will be awarded to the following winners: in BPSK - Victor Malanin, R3GZ is in 1st place with a score of 665 QSOs and 789,712 points, 2nd place - Vladimir Rybin, RA6GW, 3rd place - Nikolay Botsman, R3FO; in CW - Victor Kondratyev UA6CC is in 1st place with 1279 QSOs and a score of 2,152,640 points. Prize from RK6AX and the radio club "Dolphins" for 2nd place will receive Alexander Ganin, RT3T; in RTTY mode Vladimir Sharpar RT3P has won - 655 QSO and 725,424 points; in SSB mode there were far fewer participants than in other subgroups, and therefore it was not easy to compete. The Cup for the first place in this subgroup is awarded Igor Homutinnikov, R3GMT.

Three Cups were drawn for the first time among the SWLs in SOSWL- Russia, which will be awarded: 1st place with a score of 379 two-way observation and 1137 points - Vasily Konoplyanko, R3D-002-KG; 2nd place - Gennady Borisov, R1A-12; 3rd place - Yevgeny Savin, UA3057SWL. In SOSWL-World with a score of 147 SWLs - Konstantin Makogon, US-N-55, has won.

Prizes in the memory of participation in the Contest were selected by lottery in every Russian subgroup among 1/3 of contestmen, who showed the best results. Their happy owners are the following ones: in SOAB-MIXED - Igor Meshcheryakov UA1OOX, who took 30th place; in SOLF - Yuri Belov UA4FCO, 6th place; in SOHF - Oleg Sharapov RM4W, 17th place; in SOAB-BPSK - Ivan Vakulenko R1TJ, 11th place; in SOAB-CW - Alexander Kaznadzey RV3UP, 12th place; in SOAB-RTTY - Oleg Biryukov RW7M, 3rd place; in SOAB-SSB - Victor Akulin RK6K, 2nd place.

The Cup of RU6UR for the best result among the participants of Contest, who are the members of the KDR, has won Victor Locker RA9AU - 7th place in Russia in SOAB-MIXED. Another Club prize was raffled in a lottery among the members of RDRC who worked more than 100 QSOs in the contest. Portable radio Baofeng UV-5R will be sent to the address of Andrew Egoshin UA4SBZ, RDRC member #55, who took 52 place in Russia in SOHF subgroup.

Nine participants more will be awarded prizes for high results in their Federal districts: in the North-West Federal District - Eugene Golynichev, RM1T; in the Central Federal District - Yuri Sidorov, RA3NC; in Krymsk District - Alexander Vlasov, RA7KW; Southern Federal District - Nikolay Orekhov, RL4A; in the North Caucasus Federal District - Valentina Melnikova, RT7T; in the Volga Federal District - Vladimir Kuznetsov, RW4WA; in the Urals Federal District - Andrew Korobeinikov UA9LDD; in the Siberian Federal District - Sergei Nikolayev, RA9MX; in the Far Eastern Federal District - Viktor Bojko, RD0CD.

The participants from 71 administrative regions of Russia have competed in RUS-WW-MM 2015. The results of all Russian participants in their distribution by regions can be found in ALL-RUS-OBL summary table. The greatest number of contestmen is presented the following regions of Russia: Moscow region - 33 callsigns; Krasnodar region - 21; Chelyabinsk region - 16. HAMs from Moscow Oblast have established prizes for high results among his countrymen in those subgroups, in which three or more participants from the region competed. These prizes will be awarded: in SOAB-MIXED - Vladimir Mukhin, RA3DAD; in SOAB-BPSK - Oleg Kudashev, R2DGH; in SOHF - Yuri Valuiski, UA5F; in SOAB-CW - Andrei Bondarenko, RV3FF; in MOAB - radio club team "Youth", R5DV.

We will send a large number of contest Certificates of three kinds: for the winners, for the prize-winners and for the rest of the participants, according to the Regulations on awarding. Please note when viewing your mail - check not only incoming messages but also spam folders. Cups and prizes will be sent during December-January in postal parcels to the addresses indicated in the reports. See Info about the sending of certificates and prizes published in the theme of Club Forum

We thank the Club's Activ for active assistance and will be glad to see you in good health on 30th April and 1st May, 2016 in the third Russian WW MultiMode Contest, as well as in all following Contests organized by our club!

73! - Contest Committee of RUS-WW-MM