Youth sprint in RUS-WW-DIGI 2016

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rusengYouth sprint in RUS-WW-DIGI
We invite all young radio amateurs at the age under 20 - 1996 year of birthday and younger - to take part in Youth sprint, which will take place in the frame of RUS-WW-DIGI 2016. Contacts, conducted during the six hours in a row, beginning with a moment of the first QSO in the contest, will go into the result of the sprint. It is allowed to take part in RUS-WW-DIGI a more longer time, but only contacts of the first six hours of the work on the air will go into account. But all the contacts must be shown in the log. There are two subgroups of contesters: SINGLE-OP JUNIOR - one operator, MULTI-ONE JUNIOR - teams from two till ten operators. Your results we shall publish in the separate table of Youth sprint simultaneously with the grand total of RUS-WW-DIGI 2016. While distributing taken places the panel of judges will take into account only the quantity of confirmed contacts. The names and surnames of all young contesters showing their year of birthday should be shown in the account. Logs must be sent to our e-mail, having shown in the line SOAPBOX and in the text of the letter about your participation in Youth sprint. Special prizes are provided for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in MO-subgroup and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in SO-subgroup as well. We invite chiefs of club stations and holders of individual callsigns to prepare very well for our contest and to show good results. Young contesters, having their own callsigns, can take part twice: six hours for the team and then for themselves under their own callsigns. All participants of Youth sprint will get personal certificates.