News about the results of 7th R3A-CUP-DIGI 2021

Обновлено: 13 Ноябрь 2023
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The results of the 7h international Contest R3A-CUP-DIGI - RTTY Cup of «MSK TIME» 2021 are published. The Contest took place on March, 26th. To the address of RDRC Contest Committee 101 reports have been received from participants of 35 regions of Russia and 18 foreign countries. Congratulations to the winners of the RTTY Cup «MSK TIME» in 2021! 1st place in the European part of Russia is at Ural Kinzyagulov RU8W - 169 confirmed QSOs and 14.697 points. According to the Asiatic part of Russia, Valery Vinakov showed the best result RT9A - 198 confirmed QSOs and 19.350 points. The best among Muscovites became Yuri Valuisky, UF5A - 142 QSOs and 37.290 points. The winner certificate among foreign participants is awarded to Milos Stankovic S53X - 186 QSOs and 17.554 points. Samples certificates of R3A-CUP-DIGI: Awards and certificates gallery of RDRC.
READ MORE details the summary tables, UBN-reports: R3A-CUP-DIGI 2021.
We thank the club members of RDRC for active assistance and will be glad to see you in good health in all following Contests organized by our club!